Kind words

RivenMaster Promotions

 "I wish you the very best of success Bryan and will be keeping a close eye on your musical acting career. You have an outstanding talent and continue to amaze with every new performance! Keep shooting for the stars because there is one with your name on it that is just waiting to shine from Broadway! "

Donald Pippin, Broadway Director

 "As the first Musical Director of Oliver! on Broadway in 1963 I must tell you that you do an impressive job singing this difficult song. I wish you all the best for a career in the theater if that is your desire. Continued success." 

Suzie Bixler, Associate Director of Youth Education

"Bryan always finds a way to be honest, live moment to moment, find the humor, and most of all be endearing. Bryan was a leader during the rehearsal process and greatly admired by his peers. His outstanding performances were a testament to his hard work."

Richard Stevenson, Director

 "It was his acting skills and inventiveness that I found impressive. I wish I had a bigger part to give him. My secret as a director has always been to hire actors as promising as Bryan. That way I look like a genius."